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Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Scranton, PA!!!

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Q: Where is the office TV show set?
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Which TV show is set in Scranton Pennsylvania?

The Office

In what city is the tv show the office set in?

Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The tv show crossing Jordan is set in the medical examiner's office of what major us city?


Where can someone go to purchase merchandise from the TV show The Office?

The Office is a great TV show. Owning merchandise from The Office TV show marks one out as a fan. The merchandise can usually be found for sale on eBay.

Which building do they do the apprentice?

the TV Show? Canary Wharf Not the show? Your office

What tv show is john krasinksi from?

The Office

How do you use bonanza in a sentence?

My favorite western TV show as a kid was called Bonanza. or The thrilling adventure movie set in Alaskaproved to be a box-office bonanza.

What kind of TV show is The Office on NBC?

The television show The Office on NBC is a comedy series. The show depicts the everyday lives of office employees that live in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The employees work at a fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

What year did the office tv show start?

The Office premiered on March 24, 2005.

Who invented the tv show the Office?

Aaron Goure

Which is not a character on The Office US TV show?


Who star in the TV show The Office?

Steve Carell