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Why dont u ask her??? lol :D:D:D jks

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Q: Where is the love game wig of Lady Gaga?
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How does Lady Gaga's hair do what it does?

its a wig

Does Lady Gaga wear a wig on stage?

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Does Lady Gaga wear a wig in her videos?


Dose Lady Gaga wer a wig?


Where can you get a wig like Lady Gaga's in the video bad romance?

well I know where to get lady gaga wig from bad Romans well you can either get it from walmart or some where in the mall.

Where can I find a wig for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume?

Lady Gaga has so many different wig styles to choose from. Check on the website, for a great selection of Lady Gaga wigs, costumes and more for children and adults.

Where can you get a Lady Gaga wig?

She is a girl who has a lot of personalities. Her wigs are also in varied forms. But do not worry, go to Nadula com to get all types that you can imagine.

Are there any pictures of Lady Gaga without a wig?

probably, try going to google and then click images and then search "lady gaga without a wig" you will probably find what your looking 4!

Where can you get a Lady Gaga hair wig?

You can go to the official website of FashionTIY or the APP to browse for your favorite wig styles.

Is ladygaga wearing a wig in her videos?

Lady gaga does indeed wear a wig its because well, she just likes wearing one her real hair colour is brown if you go on google/images and type in lady gaga there should be a picture of lady gaga in brown hair :-) glad to help with your questions!

Where did Lady Gaga get her wig?

She has wardrobes full of different wigs. She gets them made and costumized for her.

Why does Lady Gaga were a wig?

because she wants to look different all the time and she doesnt have time to comb her hair into a wig style.