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When I visited Forence in the the late sixties. My friends told me that Purvis' widow had shot at people in her driveway at night from an upstairs window. If you find the house be careful! Well, that is hilarious! Melvin Purvis was my grandfather, and it wasn't my grandmother shooting at people, she was to classy for that! It was my father and his brothers. My grandfather had a whole room full of every gun made and they were probably playing around! And to answer the question, the house is on Cherokee Rd and is occupied. And to set the story straight, my grandfather did not kill himself, it was an accident. My uncle was playing with a gun and forgot to empty it before he put it back. That was the gun my grandfather had in his hands when he died. There are still people who think it may have been murder. A black car was seen leaving the driveway the second it happened. No one will ever know.

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Q: Where is the home of melvin purvis in florence sc?
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