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Geneva, Switzerland

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Q: Where is the headquarter of itu?
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When was Itu created?

Itu was created in 1610.

Where is the headquarter of nabard?

headquarter of nabard is located in mumbai.

When was Radio ITU created?

Radio ITU was created in 1945.

What does itu' es enfermo mean in English?

itu is sick

What is the difference between headquarter and headquarters?

Headquarters is the noun and headquarter is the verb

Do you say the company's headquarters or the company's headquarter?

What FSMO are house at a company's headquarter

Apakah kartu perdana seluler itu?

apakah kartu perdana itu

What is a short functional text?

banner itu apa??? pamflet itu apa???

When was Lucian Itu born?

Lucian Itu was born on 1978-09-08.

When was ITU Science Center created?

ITU Science Center was created in 2007.

When was ITU Telecom World created?

ITU Telecom World was created in 1971.

When was ITU School of Maritime created?

ITU School of Maritime was created in 1884.