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The date is printed on the upper part of the glass bottle.

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Q: Where is the date on Heinz Worcestershire sauce?
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What grocery stores in Canada sell heinz wochestershire sauce?

Various brands of Worcestershire sauce are widely available in most grocery stores across Canada. Lea & Perrins, Heinz and No Name brands appear on shelves everywhere.

Where can you buy Heinz Worcestershire Sauce?

It is a pretty common item, so any run of the mill grocery store should carry it.

What food is grown in worcestershire?

worcestershire sauce

Is there expiration date for heinz 57 steak sauce?

They have to put an expiry date on everything. For meat, fish and dairy it's a useful guide to how long it'll be edible. However, for things like worcestershire sauce, preserves and chutneys they're typically very conservative. Anything with high levels of vinegar (pickles, chutneys), sugar\(jams, preserves), or salt(saltfish, parma ham) can potentially last a lot longer than labelled. You can keep using your worcestershire sauce for the next decade easily- there's an expiration date but pay no attention to it.

What will happen if you don't include Worcestershire sauce in a recipe?

It will taste too much like Worcestershire sauce. Gross.

Type of sauce named after a place in England?

Worcestershire sauce.

Does Worcestershire sauce contain anchovies?

Yes Worcestershire sauce does contain anchovies, the original recipe includes it and today the base of this sauce is made from the fish. This makes the sauce unsuitable for vegetarians.

What processed foods have anchovies in it?

worcestershire sauce

Is there a lot of salt in worcestershire sauce?


When was Tabasco sauce created?

Tabasco sauce was created in 1868.

What Sauce is made from dissolved anchovies?

Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved fish.

What type of fish is used in the making of worcestershire sauce?