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1209 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, New Jersey

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Q: Where is the NJ Housewives shore house?
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Is seaside heights NJ central NJ?

yes, seaside is in the center of the state on the shore line. but if you where from NJ, you would refer to the area as 'the jersey shore' ... Not 'central NJ'

Is the jersey shore house the people in jersey shore?

Not at all, the people on that show are fakes and piss me off cause i live in NJ and they give New Jersey a even more crappy reputation!

Why is jersey shore important to NJ?

because without js it wouldnt b nj on the boardwalk jersey shore is the party and life of new jersey

What is the name of the book Danielle from Real Housewives of NJ?

cop without a badge

What is the nearest NJ shore point to Quakertown PA?

I would say Sea Side Nj

Where do the real housewives of NJ live?

Most of them live in Franklin Lakes, NJ. However, Teresa currently lives in Towaco, NJ, and Danielle lives in Wayne, NJ. The Posche Boutique that is featured on the show is also in Wayne, NJ.

Vinnie dimartino looks like joe guidice of housewives of NJ is it the same guy?


What is the plural of the Housewife?

The plural form of the compound noun 'housewife' is housewives.

What is the address of Jersey Shore season 3 be?

Seaside heights NJ

What is the state of nj famous for?

Jersey Shore...and gambling in Atlantic City

What is Jacqueline Laurita's daughters full name... from the real housewives of NJ?

Her daughters name is Ashley Holmes

Is there a cap cod peach in NJ?

there is cape may, i never heard of cape cod in NJ and I grew up near the shore