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The Jeremy Kyle Show is filmed at the Granada Television studios in Manchester. The talk show, hosted by Jeremy Kyle, has been broadcast since July 2005.
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Q: Where is the Jeremy Kyle Show filmed?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Jeremy Kyle Show - 2011?

The cast of The Jeremy Kyle Show - 2011 includes: Jeremy Kyle as himself

When was The Jeremy Kyle Show created?

The Jeremy Kyle Show was created on 2005-07-04.

Who hosted the American version of the Jeremy kyle show?

Jeremy Kyle hosted his own show in the USA

What is the duration of The Jeremy Kyle Show?

The duration of The Jerry Springer Show is 3600.0 seconds.

What does Jeremy Kyle do for a living?

Jeremy Kyle is a British television presenter. He is most famous for the daytime talk show 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' on the ITV channel. In recent years his show has begun airing on US television channels as well.

The Jeremy Kyle Show number?

See the link below for the ITV and Jeremy Kyle telephone numbers and mailing address.

Where are pictures of Jeremy kyle children?

Jeremy Kyle is British TV talk show host with his own show on ITV. Jeremy has three daughters and one son. There are pictures of one of Jeremy Kyle's children on the Daily Mail newspaper website, dated July 26, 2013.

Is the jermery kyle show live?

Filmed live but then edited for TV

How much do you get on the Jeremy kyle show?

No, the team behind the show will pay for you to travel to the studios and stay in a local hotel but the guests do not get paied. For a deeper insight into what happens behind the scenes on the show, buy the ITV, Jeremy Kyle Show: Behind the scenes DVD.

How old is Steve the bouncer of the Jeremy kyle show?

How old is steve bouncer

What is Jeremy Kyle's birthday?

Jeremy Kyle was born on July 7, 1965.

When will Jeremy kyle show be aired that was recorded on first of may 2008?

I'm not sure