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One does not know, but for some reason the identity of the actor who played the Title character- Harvey, was not publicized. James Stewart played the invisible rabbit"s keeper, Elwood T Dowd. It was undestood Mr. Dowd was ( in the story) an alcoholic and Harvey an imaginary character.. as far as I know it was never developed as a life-like cartoon ( like Anastasia or Hunchback) clearly Harvey had possibilities.

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Why don’t you go watch the movie. Clearly everything you think you know is wrong. And now you useless answer is here.
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Elwood P. Dowd, Harvey was real, but invisible
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The 1950 film "Harvey" was shot on location at Universal Studios, California. Neither the film nor the original play had any particular real life setting in mind, making it easily adaptable to the audience's imagination.

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Q: Where is the Harvey movie portrait?
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