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Q: Where is the Bx9 bus stop in riverdale?
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what bus go to Kaiser permanente in Largo from kenilworth av. in riverdale maryland ?

There are many bus available to Kaiser permanente in Largo from kenilworth av. in riverdale maryland

What is the height of a bus stop?

what is the height of the bus stop

How can you travel by bus from White Plains Road in the Bronx to Great Neck on Long Island?

Take a Line 2 subway toward Downtown, get off at 34th St and then catch a Port Washington Branch LIRR train from Penn Station, and take it to Great Neck. BY BUS BX41 TO FORDHAM RD. TRANSFER TO BX9. BX9 TO E.TREMONT AV. TRANSFER TO Q44 TO MAIN ST / ROOSEVELT AV. TRANSFER TO N20/21 TO GREAT NECK R/R STATION

Is the sentence i stand on bus stop is correct?

No, standing on bus stop is not correct. Standing at the bus stop is correct.

Which of the following is not an example of a compound word?

bus is not a compound word Stop is not a compound word Bus-stop is a compound word

How do you say Bus stop in french?

a bus stop is 'un arrêt de bus' in French.

How do you get on the bus when the bus leaves at your stop?

Try to get there a bit earlier, when you are not at the stop, the bus will leave without you.

What do you call the last stop on a bus?

Maybe... bus stop or garage?

Is bus stop a compound word or two words?

The term 'bus stop' is two independent words.

Where is the Riverdale Branch Library in Riverdale located?

The address of the Riverdale Branch Library is: 20975 Malsbary, Riverdale, 93656 M

When was The Bus Stop Song created?

The Bus Stop Song was created in 1956.

What does Watashitachi wa basutei de tatte imasu mean in English?

'He is getting off the bus at the bus stop.'