Where is rogan Josh from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where is rogan Josh from?
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How many calories in a Chicken Rogan Josh?

There are 500 calories on average in a serving of Chicken Rogan Josh, including the yogurt.

Why does lamb rogan josh have the word josh in it?

because it is a class name

what is Rogan Josh, Where to Buy Rogan Josh?

Rogan Josh is an Indian soup that is known for being bright red and having strong flavours. Usually, it is made with soft pieces of meat, like lamb or goat, that are cooked in a thick gravy that has been flavoured with a mix of spices. The dish is known for its red colour, which comes from the Kashmiri red chilli powder that is used to make it. The recipe for Rogan Josh comes from the beautiful area of Kashmir in northern India. The name "Rogan Josh" comes from the Persian words "rogan" for oil and "josh" for heat or desire. Persian traders who moved to the area hundreds of years ago brought the dish with them. Rogan Josh is a delicious food that has a nice balance of different tastes and spices. It has a long past, uses fragrant ingredients, and can be made in many different ways depending on where you are. Rogan Josh will be a special meal whether you eat it at an Indian restaurant or try to make it at home. So, give your taste buds what they want and give in to Rogan Josh's irresistible charm today.

What type of food is eaten in Jammu and Kashmir?

rogan josh

What does rogan josh taste like?

It tastes very mild

What is the famous food of J and K?

Lamb dishes like Rogan Josh

Roganjosh is food of which state?

Rogan josh is a food from Persia. The food is a lamb dish.

What rhymes with slogan?

bogan (Australasian hoon), rogan (as in josh), shogun Roman - (sort of)

Which horse came second to Rogan Josh in the 1999 Melbourne Cup?

Central Park

Why did Zayn Malik want to be a Rogan Josh?

because it tastes good, and its "one of his middle names"

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Who is Joe Rogan?

Jessica Rogan.