Where is pastor Linda Mumba?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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ask pastor ramson.

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Q: Where is pastor Linda Mumba?
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Did ramson mumba commit adultery with linda mumba?

yes, he has a adopted daughter called Maryanne

How old is linda mumba?

I think she's 49! She married Ramson in 1997 at the age of 33 while Ramson was 23.

What is the birth name of Omero Mumba?

Omero Mumba's birth name is Omero James Mumba.

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Omero Mumba is 6'.

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What is the birth name of Samantha Mumba?

Samantha Mumba's birth name is Samantha Tamanya Anne Cecelia Mumba.

When was Nevers Mumba born?

Nevers Mumba was born in 1960.

How tall is Samantha Mumba?

Samantha Mumba is 5' 7".

Who is Dr ramson mumba married to?

Dr Mumba is married to Estrella (Star) Mumba.

When was Wisdom Mumba Chansa born?

Wisdom Mumba Chansa was born in 1964.

When did Wisdom Mumba Chansa die?

Wisdom Mumba Chansa died in 1993.

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Samantha Mumba goes by Sam, and Sam.