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He is connected with Organo Gold.

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Q: Where is jun kintanar of flpp?
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When did Roman Kintanar die?

Roman Kintanar died in 2007.

When was Roman Kintanar born?

Roman Kintanar was born on 1929-06-13.

What nicknames does Abigail Kintanar go by?

Abigail Kintanar goes by Red Oyster, Red, and Lady In Red.

When was Abigail Kintanar born?

Abigail Kintanar was born on January 18, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love on the Rocks - 2005?

The cast of Love on the Rocks - 2005 includes: Heather Jocelyn Blair as herself Marco Khan as himself Abigail Kintanar as As "Gail Kintanar" - featured couple (2005) Mark Kintanar as As "himself" - featured couple (2005) Eden Marie James as herself

What is the importance quintin kintanar inventions?

hindi ko alam ang sagot...........

The contributions of Quintin L Kintanar?

ndi qo0h aelam ung xagot

What has the author Thelma B Kintanar written?

Thelma B. Kintanar has written: 'Self-portraits' -- subject(s): Artists, Arts, Philippine, Interviews, Philippine Arts, Women artists 'Women Reading...Feminist Perspectives on Philippine Literary Texts'

Is jun master chief?

no, Jun is... Jun... Master Chief's name is John...

How tall is Jun Soejima?

Jun Kojima is 163 cm.

Why does gray fullbuster strip?

Yes. It is evident in the way he acts and the way he does pretty much everything. What makes him gay you ask? Simple, It's because he Loves Justin Job Kintanar Cimafranca of Philippine Science High School Central Visayas Campus. .... and because he likes Justin Job Kintanar Cimafranca's Phallus

What is the birth name of Jun Fujio?

Jun Fujio's birth name is Fujio Jun.