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Q: Where is Skins Series 2 Episode 4 filmed - Beach?
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What is the name of the skins beach series 2 episode 10?

The Skins Beach series 2 episode 10 is called "Final Goodbyes". That episode of Skins Beach aired on April 14, 2008.

Which episode does Frankie and mini kiss in skins?

Series 5 Episode 7

Is there going to be a fourth series of skins?

Yes there is, it's being filmed at the minute :)

When will skins series four be on?

Skins Series 4 filming has begun and the first episode will be aired in early January 2010. For more information head to

Where can i watch Skins series 3 episode 4 fast?

You can watch it on youtube

In skins what is the name of the song in episode 7 series 2?

low - point of disgust

Name of the first song from skins series 3 episode 2?

Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Where was skins filmed?

The UK one is set in Bristol The U.S is set in Baltimore

When was Emily - Skins episode - created?

Emily - Skins episode - was created on 2010-02-04.

How many episodes are there in series 2 of skins?

There are 10 episodes, on 07/04/08 it will be the penultimate episode, which means second to last

Who does jj kiss in skins series 3 episode 2?

He kisses a prostitute becauses Cook brings him to a night club to lose his virginity.

Is the episode 8 of skins series 4 the end?

It's the end for that generation of characters - every two years the characters change - for the first two series' it was tony, maxxie, Michelle, Sid, chris, anwar and jal, for series' 3 and 4 it was effy Pandora Katie Emily Freddie cook jj naomi thomas, so series 4 episode 8 was the last episode for those guys, but skins series 5, with a whole new cast again, is starting on Monday 17th January 2011 on E4 at 10pm. :)