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Riley is in Seatlle were Victoria finds hime and changes him.

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Q: Where is Riley when he is changed in twilight?
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What was the number of the boat riley changed in front of in twilight eclipse?

the number of the boat is.......20421

What is Riley's full name in Twilight?

Riley Biers is a character in the Twilight series.

Who Plays Riley in Twilight Eclispe?

Riley Biers in "Twilight Eclipse" is played by actor Xavier Samuel.

Is Tom Felton going to play Riley in Twilight 3?

No. Tom Felton was not an actor in any of the Twilight Saga movies, including Twilight's Eclipse (Twilight 3). The character of Riley Biers was played by the actor Xavier Samuel.

In Twilight who does Victoria love better James or Riley?

Victoria never loved Riley in Twilight's Eclipse. She tells him she loves him so he will listen to her. Victoria wanted to use Riley as a diversion for Edward, so she could kill Bella. If Victoria loved anyone, it was James.

Is Twilight the book really getting changed?

Yes, the book Twilight has already been changed.

Who leads the newborns in twilight?

His name is Riley Biers and is "thought to be in love" with Victoria.

Who changed bree tanner?

Bree Tanner was changed into a vampire by Riley Biers, who was acting on orders from Victoria as part of her plan to create an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens.

Who killed Victoria?

If this is about the Twilight saga then Edward did in Eclipse (book 3)

What is the first Twilight book called?

The first book is just Twilight."Twilight" is the first book in the Twilight series.

In twilight was Edward changed into a vampire?

Well he had to be he IS a vampire

Is Bella in twilight will survive?

Yes she will be changed into a vampire..