Where is Nicholls State located?

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Nicholls State is located in the state of Louisiana.

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Q: Where is Nicholls State located?
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Where is Nicholls State University located?

Nicholls State University is located in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. That is in the south central part of the state. Some of the degrees which Nicholls University awards are Associate of General Studies in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology.

What is the motto of Nicholls State University?

The motto of Nicholls State University is 'Different. Better.'.

Where is the Nicholls Public Library in Nicholls located?

The address of the Nicholls Public Library is: 108 North Liberty Street, Nicholls, 31554 9774

When was Nicholls State University created?

Nicholls State University was created on 1948-09-23.

What is the nickname for Nicholls State University?

Our Harvard on the Bayou

What is the series football record between nicholls state and southern university of baton rouge?

Nicholls State leads the all time series 13-6 ... the teams last met in 2002.

What is the nationality of name Nicholls?

Nicholls is a surname.

What are the Louisiana ncaa div 1 AA football teams?

Grambling, McNeese State, Nicholls State, Northwestern State, and Southern.

What is the birth name of Bernie Nicholls?

Bernie Nicholls's birth name is Bernie Irvine Nicholls.

What is the birth name of Phoebe Nicholls?

Phoebe Nicholls's birth name is Sarah Phoebe Nicholls.

What is the birth name of Syd Nicholls?

Syd Nicholls's birth name is Sydney Wentworth Nicholls.

What are Nicholls State's 25th-75th percentile ACT scores?

Nicholls State's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT scores are 19-24 on the English section, 18-24 on the Math section, and 19-23 Composite.

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