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Naruto's house is located in the centre of Konoha, on the map it appears as a red building close to Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto lives in a rooftop apartment; his door is marked with a spiral.

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Q: Where is Narutos house located on Naruto rise of a ninja?
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What is Naruto's ninja registration number?

narutos registration is 012607

What game can you can you get Narutos dad?

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 unlock all the characters and you will get Naruto's dad the yellow fash

How do you get Narutos later suit in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

If you are talking about the "Naruto Shippuden" suit, you can't get it at all. But, you can get an extension pack from the PlayStation store and get Naruto's PJ's.

What are some Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 cheats?

lightning snake rat dragon put this in input codes at narutos house u get all of the characters i hope that helps

How do you get Zabuza in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

you can if you finish ultimate road but if you just wanna play as him in vs go to narutos house in the main menu and enter code ligtning, snake, rat, dragon

Where is Naruto's house in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

You cant go in it.

How do you unlock narutos dad on Ultimate Ninja 3?

to unlock yellow flash in Naruto ultimate ninja 3 u have to unlock all the characters in the game. u can do this by unlocking every character in the game

What type of ninja was Narutos father?


How many modes are on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 and name theme please.?

here are the modes ultimate contest , hero's history , breakroom , narutos house , adjust settings , vs duel , irukus's training and market. Also there is 8 modes.

Where is naruto's house in storm 3?

Same place as Naruto Path of the Ninja 1.

What is the Naruto game after Naruto ninja council?

Naruto Ninja Council 2

Which Naruto Clash of Ninja game is after Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution in the US?

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2