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Touched by an Angel was published in the book LoveÕs Exquisite Freedom by Maya Angelou in 2011. The exact publication date is not given.

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Q: Where is Maya Angelou's Touched by an Angel published?
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When was Maya Angelou's poem Touched By An Angel published?

Maya Angelou wrote the Touched By An Angel poem the night before she appeared as a guest on the CBS television hit "Touched By An Angel." The poem was written at the request of the Executive Producer Martha Williamson to provide Angelou's character with a wedding gift to an HIV-infected daughter.

How many stanzas does the poem touch by an angel by Maya Angelou have?

The poem "Touch by an Angel" by Maya Angelou consists of 10 stanzas.

Why does Maya angelous brother call her Maya?

Because he refered to her a My-a little sister

What is Maya angelous email?

her email is

How do you correctly pronounce Maya Angelous name?

Maya Angelou's name is pronounced "MY-uh AN-juh-loh." The emphasis is on the first syllable of both "Maya" and "Angelou."

Is there any alliteration on the poem Touched by an Angel?

Yes, in the poem "Touched by an Angel" by Maya Angelou, there is alliteration present. An example of alliteration in this poem is "What you nourished has fled."

What is the tone of the poem touched by an angel by Maya Angelou?

The tone of this poem isliberating, uplifting, inspiring, and a little sad.

What is Maya Angelou little girl name?

Maya Angelous real name as a kid was Marguerite Annie Johnson.

What are the names of Maya Angelous parents?

Bailey Johnson and Vivian Baxter Johnsoon

What type of poem is touched by an angel?

"Touched by an Angel" is a free verse poem by Maya Angelou that explores themes of love, transformation, and spirituality. It is characterized by its powerful imagery, emotional depth, and the poet's unique voice.

What year did Maya Angelous' die?

Maya Angelou passed away in the year 2014.

What is the authors purpose of touched by angel by Maya Angelou?

i think the purpose was obviosly to enchant the reader(s) with asign of peace and emotion