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Lonnie was cremated, and his ashes were taken to Spain. See the link below.

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Lonnie was cremated at Peterborough Crematorium, UK

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Lonnie Donegan died on November 3, 2002 at the age of 71.

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Q: Where is Lonnie Donegan buried?
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What is the birth name of Lonnie Donegan?

Lonnie Donegan's birth name is Donegan, Anthony James.

What is Lonnie Donegan's birthday?

Lonnie Donegan was born on April 29, 1931.

When was Lonnie Donegan born?

Lonnie Donegan was born on April 29, 1931.

What nicknames did Lonnie Donegan go by?

Lonnie Donegan went by The King of Skiffle.

How old was Lonnie Donegan at death?

Lonnie Smith is 55 years old (birthdate: December 22, 1955).

Who was the drummer in the 1960s with Lonnie Donegan?

Nick Nicholls

Who sang my old mans a dustman?

Lonnie Donegan

Who was Lonnie Donegan's guitarist on Jimmy Brown the Newsboy?

les bennets

Did lonnie donegan sing hang down your head tom dooley?


Is Lonnie Donegan dead?

Yes he is. He died a couple years ago in 2002. Sad but true.

Which popular song did lonnie donegan buy the rights to?

Justin Haywoods Nights in White satin

DID Lonnie donegan sIng six five special?

The 6-5 Special was a British TV version of American Bandstand. Lonnie Donegan appeared on the show several times, singing many of the songs which became top 10 hits in North America.