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He is past the right of passage. Where you can regenerate your health and mana. He is named "Kain the Material Collector".

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Q: Where is Kain in twilights eve ORPG?
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What is a good avenger item build in twilights eve orpg?


Where are enraged spirits in twilights eve orpg?

once you pass the rite of passage go through the portal located to the right of the dark elves... there you should find enraged spirits

Where is sharilyn in twilight's eve ORPG?

Sharilyn is located in the city of Varaya in Twilight's Eve ORPG. She can be found in the central part of the city near the fountain.

Where is eve in twilights eve?

eve is on right corner on village orc but i don'T know how go here lol

What is the command of hacked twilight eve orpg v1.14d?


Where is hidden NPC in twilight's eve ORPG?

The hidden NPC in Twilight's Eve ORPG can be found in the lava area, west of the center of the map. Look for a hidden cave entrance near the lava flow to find the NPC.

Where is Forgotten sewers in Twilight's Eve ORPG?

its easy ive figure it out yesterday, its below the glacier forest at kiba and the kain the material collector theres a single house below them right? the house that has a blue flame you need to enter it before you can go to the right passage

Where is the forgotten woods in twilight's eve orpg?

The Forgotten Woods in Twilight's Eve ORPG can be found in the northern area of the map, to the east of Norlant Swamp. It is a mid-level area with various monsters and quests for players to explore and complete.

Where is dark arch templar vanessa in twilight eve orpg warcraft 3?


What does twilights cover mean?

It represents Eve giving Adam the apple of temptation.

Where is Sttches in Twilight's Eve ORPG?

Stitches can be found in Twilight's Eve ORPG at the underground part of the city of Sylvan. You can reach this area by talking to the NPC Kalyn and asking her to teleport you there. Stitches is known for selling powerful artifacts and rare items in the game.

Where is the shrine of the highfather in twilights eve?

hi the shrine of the highfather in twilighst eve is near to Jim the assasin at his left arm!!!