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Johnston and Murphy is based in Nashville Tennessee. They have also been going for years, the products are popular and very well built. If you are looking for a certain product I would suggest looking here.

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Q: Where is Johnston and Murphy based?
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What is the average price of Johnston and Murphy men shoes?

Johnston and Murphy has a selection of premium shoes and accessories. The average price for Johnston and Murphy's men shoes are between $90.00 to $300.00.

How long has Johnston and Murphy been in business?

Johnston and Murphy has provided products to men since 1850 and has recently added a woman's line. As of 2011 Johnston and Murphy has been in business for 161 years!

Are Johnston Murphy shoes sold at Dillard's?

Johnston and Murphy shoes are sold at Dillards. Dillards provides a wide range of shoes from the Johnston Murphy line and range. Dillards also specialses in many different Johntson Murphy shoes and other ranges as well.

Who or what is johnston Murphy?

Johnston & Murphy is a brand of shoes for men. They are available at Belk. The company is a branch of Genesco, Incorporated, and is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Where did Johnson and Murphy get the name for their company?

Johnston, not Johnson and Murphy got the name for the company from William J. Dudley Shoe Company. Johnston and Murphy is currently located in Nashville, Tennessee

Where can one purchase Johnston Murphy mens shoes in black leather?

When searching online, one can find Johnston Murphy mens shoes in black leather at the official store's (Johnston and Murphy) website, Amazon, Nordstrom, or even Sears. Although, the cheapest place to purchase Johnston Murphy mens shoes in black leather would probably be eBay (if one is lucky enough to find a decent pair), the safest bet would be to buy a pair from the official Johnston and Murphy website.

Where online can I find johnston and Murphy? is an international quality clothing store for men and women. You can also find Johnston and Murphy clothing and shoes at

Why is johnston Murphy an important person?

Johnston Murphy is not a single person. In actuality it is two people, James Johnston, and William A. Murphy. These two names represent a company originally started in 1859 by William J. Dubley. Mr. Dudley began the business making high quality shoes and in 1880 Johnston joined as his partner. Johnston had vision which led to expanded production lines and distribution channels. In 1881 Murphy died and the company was just the James Johnston company. A few years later, 1884, William A Murphy formed a partnership and the name becames Johnston and Murphy. Today this is a company that not only designs and sells shoe, it has incorporated a line of apparel, leather goods and luggage.

What luggage manufacturer starts with j?

Johnston and Murphy

Who are johnston and Murphy and what do they do?

Johnston&Murphy is a brand of men's shoes. While there are brick and mortar stores that carry the brand exclusively. The shoes can also be found in major department stores such as Macy's.

What stores can Johnston and Murphy brand shoes be purchased?

Johnston and Murphy shoes can be purchased in their premium outlets. They can also be purchased on their website or amazon. Person would save by purchasing through amazon.

How long has Johnston and Murphy been established?

As of 2011, Johnston and Murphy has been in business for 161 years. They have provide products to men since 1850 and recently added a line of women products.