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"Jasper Park Lodge is in Jasper, Alberta in Canada. It is in the Rocky Mountains, and is located on Old Lodge Road."

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Q: Where is Jasper Park Lodge located?
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When was Jasper Park Lodge created?

Jasper Park Lodge was created in 1921.

What are some Jasper National Park Hotels?

There are many hotel choices available in the scenic Jasper National Park. Popular hotel choices include the Marmot Lodge and the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

What is Jasper park lodge's price range per night?

Prices for the Fairmont's Jasper park lodge range from 370-379 Canadian dollars a night. Currently there are no promotional codes available for the trip.

Where is the Tenaya Lodge located?

The Tenaya Lodge is located at Yosemite National Park in California. It is a beautiful lodge located in the town of Fish Camp, CA which is in Yosemite National Park.

Where can one find information about fairmont Jasper?

One can find information about Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge at the website for Canadian tourism, specifically the section which offers suggestions for lodging in the Canadian Rockies. One will also find information about the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge at travel booking websites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Hotwire.

Where is the Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa located?

The Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa is located within the Banff National Park in Canada. The lodge and the national park are located in the province of Alberta, in Western Canada.

In what country is Jasper national park?

Jasper National Park is located in Canada. It lies in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The address for Jasper National Park is as follows: 607 Connaught Dr. Jasper, AB TOE 1EO, Canada.

What is special about the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge?

This lodge is positioned in the Canadian Rockies in a historic world heritage site. This lodge is very highly rated and traveled by many people year round.

Where can one find deals on accommodations at Jasper Park Lodge?

There are many different travel agencies that offer discounts on travel destinations such as Jasper Park Lodge. Some of the travel agencies that offer vacation planning assistance and booking include Expedia, Cruise One, and Liberty Travel.

Where in Canada is the town of Jasper located?

Jasper is located in the province of Alberta. Incorporated in 1813, it has a population of 4,051. It is the center of Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

What are some restaurants and hotels that showcase the western mountain region of Canada?

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise showcases Alberta's Lake Louise. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is one of the nicest in Jasper.

Where is the Kalaloch Lodge located?

The Kalaloch Lodge is located in Olympic National Park. It's a national park located in Forks, Washington and has many cabins up for reservation. One could check out their official website for pricing and contact information.