Where is General Mills made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I've noticed that their cereals and other products such as Betty Crocker say "Product of USA" on them.

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Q: Where is General Mills made?
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Who made the game millsberry?

General Mills

Who invented the Bisquick?

General Mills Made it/invented it in 1930

What was the first product general mills made?

South chicago

Who made fruity pebbles?

The Flinstones (JK) General Mills

Who made millsberry?

The General Mills cereal company. Thank you Smit

When was General Mills created?

General Mills was created in 1866.

What is General Mills's population?

The population of General Mills is 33,000.

Who invented Betty Crocker?

General Mills.

What is the parent company of cheerios?

Honey Nut Cheerios are manufactured by General Mills, Inc.

Does general mills have a parent company?

General Mills is a parent company

Why is millsberry called millsberry?

Because it was made and owned by General Mills cereal company.

Who makes Hamburger Helper mixes?

Hamburger Helper mixes are made by General Mills