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He does not actually appear in the movie but is mentioned by Benedict, the villian. When Benedict realizes he can take movie villians and bring them to the real world he says the following line: "I'll fetch him. Dracula? Huh. I can get King Kong! We'll have a nightmare with Freddy Krueger, have a surprize party for Adolf Hitler, Hannibal Lecter can do the catering, and then we'll have christening for Rosemary's Baby! All I have to do is snap my fingers and they'll be here. They're lining up to get here, and do you know why Jack? Should I tell you why? Hmm? Because here, in this world, the bad guys can win!"

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Q: Where is Freddy Krueger in last action hero?
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What is Freddys last name from night mare on elm street?

I think the last name is Krueger- his full name is ''Fredrick Charles Krueger''

Why does Freddy Krueger wear a trench coat?

He only wears it in New Nightmare for the last part of the movie, to depict the difference between the "real" Freddy and the "movie" Freddy.

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When was Last Action Hero created?

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When was the Last Action Hero released?

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Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie 'The Last Action Hero' out before or after 'The Terminator'?

The Terminator came out before The Last Action Hero. The Terminator was released in 1984 and the Last Action Hero was released in 1993.

How much money did Last Action Hero gross worldwide?

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How much money did Last Action Hero gross domestically?

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What are the release dates for Last Action Hero - 1993 VG?

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No, unless its a total different cast. Arnold is getting a little old to play an action hero.

Will there be a Freddy krueger 10?

There are no plans for any future nightmare on elm street movies. The last was a remake that did well in theaters but was panned by the audience who may be less inclined to see a sequel of a remake.