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they dont go there any more they live in LA now

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Westlake, Texas. Near Southlake.

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Q: Where in dallas Texas do the Jonas brothers go to church?
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Where are the Jonas Brothers living at now?

The Jonas Brothers, while not on tour, reside in Los Angeles, California.

Were is the Jonas Brothers address in Dallas?

They live in texas

Do the Jonas brothers have a home in Texas?

yeah they do! :D Texas, Dallas actually

Where do the Jonas Brothers live in LA?

they live in Dallas Texas

What state do the Jonas Brothers live in?


When are the Jonas brothers living in Texas?

nick grew up in Texas and are moving to dallas soon

What time was Nick Jonas born?

September 16, 1992 at 3:39 a.m. in Dallas, Texas.

What street does the Jonas Brothers live on?

cant tell you that but they live in Westlake,Dallas,Texas

How many homes does the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers own 2 homes: One in Wycoff, New Jersey, and one in Waterside (outside Dallas), Texas.

What is the Jonas Brothers address in calofornia?

They no longer live in California, they now live in Dallas, Texas.

When did the Jonas brothers play in Texas?

during the burnin up tour on July 17 in dallas

Do you have the right address of the Jonas Brothers?

They live in Dallas, Texas, in a gated community called Westlake.