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The members of Westlife are not all from Sligo. They live in various places, in Ireland and elsewhere.

Actually, three band members do live in the area of Sligo. Shane, Kian, and Mark. Nicky lives in the Dublin area. Some of them have holiday homes abroad.

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Q: Where in Sligo do Westlife live?
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How many for westlife live in sligo?


Which members of westlife live in Ireland?

All 4 of them, Dublin and Sligo, not sure which members are from which part tho.

How did Westlife get the name for there band 'Westlife'?

They come from Ireland ... kian mark & kian are from sligo & nicky is from dublin

What bands are from sligo?

Westlife.....A boyband Had 14 number 1s in Uk.... Massive in Europe and all over far east

Who was it that sang with westlife in flying without wings?

Westlife is a boy band, with more than one member. However, the members of the band, who sing the song "Flying Without Wings", are all from Ireland. Either from Dublin or Sligo.

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How can one get DVDs of Westlife live concerts?

DVDs of Westlife live concerts can be found online. Amazon is a very popular website one can use to purchase DVDs of Westlife live concerts. The DVDs can also be purchased on eBay.

What famous people live in Sligo?

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Where does kian egan live now?

sligo Ireland

What is Shane Filan most known for?

Shane Filan is most known for being one of the singers in the Irish boy band Westlife, before they disbanded in 2012. Shane Filan was born in Sligo, Ireland in 1979.

Where is westlife?

Westlife are actually based in the UK and live in their home country Ireland. They currently have their 10th studio album out which is called "Where We Are" and this was out December 30th 09.

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