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Yes she lives in London.

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13 bannerman road ealing or is 30

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Q: Where in London does Elizabeth Sladen live?
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Where does Elizabeth Sladen live?

London i know because im a big fan Sarah Jane adventures doctor who amazing xx by Heather

Where does elisabeth sladen live?

Ealing, London UK

How did elizabeth sladen die?

According to Wikipedia, Elisabeth Sladen died in Southall, north- east London.

Where did elizabeth smith live?

Well, Sarah Jane Smith lives in 13 Bannerman road, Ealing, London. Elizibeth Sladen, (Sarah Jane) is from Liverpool, England(;

What is Sarah janes real name?

Elizabeth Sladen

What is Elizabeth sladens favourite colour?

I met Elisabeth Sladen In London. I remember seeing this question on this (Wiki Answers) so i asked her it and she said Red and Pink.

Where was elizabeth sladen buried?

Elizabeth Sladen, a British actress best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in "Doctor Who," was cremated after her death in 2011 and her ashes were scattered at a private location as per her wishes.

Did Elizabeth Sladen attend John Pertwee's funeral?

Yes, she did.

Is elizabeth sladen still alive?

No, Elisabeth Sladen died April 19, 2011 at age 63 after a long battle with cancer.

How old is Elizabeth Sladen?

As of now (Jan. 26th 2010) Elisabeth Sladen is 61 years old and will be turning 62 on Feb. 1st.

What was Elizabeth Sladen's character in the Doctor called?

Sarah Jane Smith

Does Elizabeth Sladen have a husband?

Elizabeth Sladen does have a husband; she married actor Brian Miller in 1968. He appeared alongside his wife in series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures in the episode entitled The Mad Woman in the Attic.