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In The Simpsons Movie nowhere in the movie stated that they lived in any certain area of Alaska.

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Q: Where in Alaska did The Simpsons live in the Simpsons movie?
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Where do the Simpsons go when springfield was polluted?

Well in the movie, Alaska

In the simpsons movie where did Homer want to go when Springfield was in danger?


What address do the simpsons live at as stated in simpsons the movie?

712 In the show, they repeatedly used 742 Evergreen Terrace. They also live in Springfield.

Where is The Simpsons set?

Springfield & Alaska

Name of The Simpsons movie?

the simpsons movie

What was the Simpsons movie called?

The Simpsons Movie

How many movie are they in Simpsons?

there is one simpsons movie

What was the first Simpsons movie called?

"The Simpsons Movie" obviously.

How many movies have The Simpsons done?

As of 2012, there is just one Simpsons movie: The Simpsons Movie (2007).

What is the duration of The Simpsons Movie?

The duration of The Simpsons Movie is 1.45 hours.

What country do The Simpsons live in?

The Simpsons live in Springfield, USA.

Is The Simpsons Movie a Disney movie?

Of course not. Simpsons is owned by FOX not Disney.