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The Chumash people originally lived central and southern California. This group of people are Native American and had a territory of over 7000 square miles.

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Q: Where does the chumash live?
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What do the chumash live in?

they live a habbit

Who live at la purisima?

the answer is Chumash

What is the physical features of where they live?

what is the physical futues of where the chumash live

What is a sentence for chumash?

The Chumash people lived along the coast of California and were known for their seafaring abilities.

Where des the chumash live now?

on the coast

Chumash history when did they live?

around 10,000B.C

Where did Gabrielino Indians live?

they live in north of chumash near the beach

Did the shasta tribe live in teepees?

No. Tipis are used by nomadic peoples of the Plains. Chumash people are from California and live in settled villages. Today they usually live in houses or apartments.

Where did the chumash live a long time ago?

south? yes no

What did the chumash live in?

The Chumash built half circle shaped shelters with a domed top. They used willow poles, branches, and cattails to make their homes.

How did the Chumash live like before the building ofSan Buenaventura?

they pooped

Long ago where does Chumash people live?

The Chumash Indian tribe lived in California in what is now Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles. It is believed that the current population of the Chumash Indians is between 2,000 and 5,000 people.