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Baseball feild

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Q: Where does take place the umpire yelled you are out?
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Which tennis player famously yelled you cannot be serious at an umpire?

Serena Wiliams

What color is sometimes yelled to baseball umpires Hey?

When people say something to the umpire at a Baseball game they call him or her "Blue"

where would the following probably take place when an umpire yells you're out?

Baseball feild

Where would the following probably take placeThe umpire yelledyou're out?

This would probably take place at a baseball game.

What is the working place of umpire called?


What other words can take the place of the word he says?

he: said yelled whispered commented screamed echoed shuttered all depends on how the persons mood is ex: if the boy is mad then say he yelled but if the boy is scared say he whispered

What is the exact time does a umpire can take to answer for an appeal?

The umpire will take more than 3sec and less than 5sec to answer the bowlers appeal.

What are 6 ways to say yelled?

Yelled Yelled Yelled Yelled Yelled Yelled Use ur brain stupid.

What is the place where he stands call?

That place is called the umpire where the man makes the call safe or out

How do you spell yell in the past tense?

yelled ( I yelled, She yelled)

What are the origins of the baseball term 'good eye'?

"Good Eye" is usually yelled to a batter who has taken a close pitch that is called a ball by the umpire. "Good Eye" means the batter saw the pitch correctly or has a "Good Eye".

Is yelled onomatopoeia?

Yelled is not an onomatopoeia:)