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Santa Rosa County FL

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Q: Where does road dogg from WWE live?
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Will road dog come back to WWE?

Road Dogg is back with the WWE working as a road agent

Why x-pac and road dog left WWE?

Road Dogg left WWE because he was unable to wrestle at a Raw show due to his drug use. Sean Waltman left WWE in a "mutual decision."

Is road dogg ever coming back to the WWE?

Highly doubt it, maybe for the hall of fame induction he should get

What the 5 members of WWE dx?

Road Dogg, Billy Gun, Triple HHH, Shawn Michaels, and X-Pac

Who were part of the Generation X in WWF or WWE?

There were 8 members who were part of the WWE's Generation X. They are Billy Gunn, Chyna, Rick Rude, Road Dogg, Shawn Michael's, Triple H, Tori, and X-pac.

Which sound did Snoop Dogg performed at WWE?

theme song

Which rapper wrestled Chavo Guerro on WWE?

snoop dogg

What are the names of the orginial DX WWE wrestling members?

There's Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, (Bad Ass) Billy Gunn, X-Pac & Chyna. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg formed their own tag team prior to joinig DX called The New Age Outlaws.

Who made up the DX team in the WWE?

The current members of the WWE DX team are Billy Gunn, Chyna, Rick Rude, Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Tori, and X-Pac. The team debuted in August of 1997.

How old is Road Dogg?

US wrestler Brian Gerard James, aka Road Dogg, is 48 years old (birthdate: May 20, 1969).

Why doesn't Ron Killings come to WWE?

Ron killings was in wwe back when it was called wwf he went by the name k-kwik and he was partnered with the road dogg but he was released from his contract in 2001 NEW UPDATE: Ron killings just singed a new deal to leave tna for wwe and will be debuting sometime this year

What happened to the Road Dogg?

Road Dogg quit WWE and I don't think he's wrestling anymore, unless he's on TNA or FWA or somethingAnswerHe's in TNA as BG James. He was part of the faction 3live kru but then Kip James (aka the Outlaw aka Billy Gunn) came in and decided to have a little reunion. TNA really needs to get better storylines. BG James is now a road agent for TNA