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Beverley Hills, CA

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Q: Where does kyle sandilands live?
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What is Kyle Sandilands's birthday?

Kyle Sandilands was born on June 10, 1971.

When was Kyle Sandilands born?

Kyle Sandilands was born on June 10, 1971.

How old is Kyle Sandilands?

Kyle Sandilands is 46 years old (birthdate: June 10, 1971).

How did Kyle Sandilands get his first friend?

he doesn't have any frineds

When was Laurie Sandilands born?

Laurie Sandilands was born on 1949-04-30.

When was Wayne Sandilands born?

Wayne Sandilands was born on 1983-08-23.

When was Aaron Sandilands born?

Aaron Sandilands was born on 1982-12-06.

When was Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands created?

Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands was created in 1986.

When did James Walter Sandilands die?

James Walter Sandilands died in 1959.

When was James Walter Sandilands born?

James Walter Sandilands was born in 1874.

When was Rupert Sandilands born?

Rupert Sandilands was born on 1868-08-07.

How much is kyle sandilands worth?

He earns $1m dollars annually at the radio job and profits from his nightclubs. He owns a Hollywood mini mansion located in a quality area of LA.