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in the woods

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Q: Where does Victoria leave her bare footprint in the movie twilight?
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Who is Victoria in the movie twilight?

Victoria is the mate of the villain, the tracker James.

Name the antagonists of the movie Twilight?

James and Victoria

Will there be a Twilight movie on Victoria and the newborn army?

No, they will only be found in Eclipse.

Who is watching Bella and Edward dance at the end of the twilight movie?


Does Victoria love Edward Cullen in the movie twilight?

Yes, Victoria seeks revenge on Edward Cullen and the Cullen family in the "Twilight" movie series due to events that occurred in the past. There is no romantic love between Victoria and Edward.

How many females vampires in the movie Twilight?

twilight has 4 female vampires.... rosalie, Esme, Alice and Victoria

What does Victoria's shirt say in twilight?

In the movie "Twilight," Victoria's shirt says "Got Blood?"

What is Twilight's Victoria's real name?

the actress who plays Victoria is called Rachelle Lefevre hope that is what you were looking for! x

What happened to Victoria from Twilight?

You need to read book 3 or wait for the third movie!

Did Victoria from twilight the movie have blonde or red hair?

She's meant to have red hair.

Has the person who plays Victoria in twilight been sacked and not allowed to do either new moon or eclipse I'm unsure of which one.?

It will be the same Victoria in the Movie New Moon but a new girl in Eclipse

Is Leave out all the rest meant to be from Edwards perspective in the movie twilight?

leave out all the rest is a song in the movie by linkin park