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Steve Perry was never with Arrowsmith. He was with Journey. He currently lives in Del Mar California

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Q: Where does Steve perry from arrowsmith live?
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Does Steve Perry live in Del Mar?

In an interview with GQ Magazine, May 2008, Steve Perry said he lives in Del Mar.

Is Matthew Perry related to Steve perry or joe perry?

No. Steve Perry is an only child.

Is Steve perry is alive?

Yes. Steve Perry is still alive.

What is Steve Perry's birthday?

Steve Perry was born on January 22, 1949.

What is steve perry's birthday?

Steve Perry was born on January 22, 1949.

Does Steve perry have a dog?

Steve Perry did have a dog, but currently he has two cats.

What surgery did Steve perry have?

Steve Perry had a successful hip surgery in 1998.

Is the band perry related?

Yes. The Band Perry is made up of two brothers and one sister: Reid Perry, Neil Perry and Kimberly Perry.They are the children of Steve & Marie Perry and were all born in Jackson, MS.[For photos and information on their parents, see attached link.]NOTE: They are not related to Katy Perry or Matthew Perry.

Was Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry adopted by Steve Perry?


How many children does Steve Perry have?

One daughter. Her name is Shamira.*Note: Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry & Neil Perry, who make up the group The Band Perry, are not the children of Journey's Steve Perry. Their father, also named Steve Perry, is a pediatrician who practices medicine in Greeneville, TN.(See attached link for photos of this Steve Perry.)

Is Steve perry from journey related to Bradley Steven perry from Good Luck Charlie?

Is Bradley Steven Perry is related to Steve perry from journey

Is the Band Perry related to Steve Perry from Journey?

No, the Steve Perry who was the 80s lead singer for Journey is NOT the father of The Band Perry.But The Band Perry's father IS named Steve: He is Dr. Charles Stephen "Steve" Perry, a pediatrician originally from Moss Point, MS who now practices medicine in Greeneville, TN. Their mother is named Marie Perry.See related link for photo of The Band Perry's parents.