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Wolverhampton, England.

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In a flat in London

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Q: Where does Liam live from one direction?
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What city did Liam Payne live in before one direction was formed?

Liam Payne is from Wolverhampton :)

Where do Liam from one direction live?

Wolver Hampton, UK

Who does Liam Payne live with?

Liam used to live with family in Wolverhampton , but when he joined One Direction and the boys made it big , he moved to his own place =)

Do Niall Horan and Liam payen live together?

No, all the One Direction boys live separately.

Were does Jake from One Direction live?

Theres no Jake in One Direction. Theres only Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall.

What is Liam paynes favorite one direction song?

Liam's favorite One Direction song is One Thing

Did Liam out of one direction live with a mum and dad?

yes up until after xfactor

Is Liam Hemsworth in one direction?

No. Liam Hemsworth is an American actor. Liam Payne is in British-Irish boyband, One Direction. :)

Who has a fear of spoons in one direction?


Is Liam from one direction American?

No Liam is British

Who starts the song in one thing by One Direction?

Liam Payne starts all the One Direction songs

Where Liam lives?

one direction all live in London currently, but he's originally from Wolverhampton