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On the computer, numbskull.

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Q: Where does Firefox store favorites?
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Where are Firefox favorites?

There's no such thing as Favorites for Firefox, instead it is called Bookmarks

What is your favorites tab on Mozilla Firefox?


Can you access IE favorites in Firefox?

The only thing is you can import them into Firefox as bookmarks. To do this click File, then click import, and then choose Internet Explorer. Then it has the options of what you want to import from Internet Explorer.

Can you email your favorites folder?

YES! Your favorites in Internet Explorer are nothing more than files in a folder. Firefox holds all of your favorites in one file. Specifics are as follows : Internet Explorer : Take the folder C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\[USER NAME]\FAVORITES and zip it to a zip file using windows Zip, or WinRAR. Email that folder. It can be copied directly into a new favorites folder on another PC or user. Only duplicates will be overwritten. Firefox : Slightly more complicated. Navigate to the folder C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\[USER NAME]\APPLICATION DATA\MOZILLA\FIREFOX\PROFILES\q9fkzms1.default. The file named BOOKMARKS stores all of your favorites in that single file. Opening it will show you. Email that file. Copying this file to the new folder WILL overwrite the existing file. I do not know of a way to merge these files yet, but I am sure there is. There is! all you need to do to add or back up your firefox bookmarks is go to the bookmarks tab up at the top of the screen, select organize bookmarks, and there you can import/export your firefox bookmarks as a firefox extension or as an HTML file

How do you transfer your favorites from Firefox to Google Chrome?

Yes you can transfer your bookmarks from Mozilla to Chrome. There is an option of import bookmarks for that purpose.

How do you transfer Firefox Bookmarks to IE Favorites?

Export Firefox BookmarksWith Firefox open, go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks... > Import and Backup and select "Export HTML".The Export Bookmarks File window will appear.Select the location to where you want the bookmarks.html file to be saved. You can change the file name to whatever you would like or leave it as is.Click on Save and your Firefox bookmarks will be exported to the location that you specified.Import Internet Explorer FavoritesOpen Internet Explorer and select File > Import and Export... and the Import/Export Wizard will appear.Select Next > Import Favorites > Next > Browse and select the bookmarks.html file that you exported from Firefox.Select Next, choose a Favorites folder that you would like your bookmarks to be imported into, click on Next > Finish and your bookmarks will be imported into your Internet Explorer Favorites.You will see the "Successfully imported favorites" message when the import is complete.

How does one clear everything from the favorites spot?

In Firefox, you can delete items from the Bookmarks area of your internet by right clicking each item and clicking Delete.

How do you add AOL favorites to Mozilla Firefox?

To Have access to AOL Favorites in Mozilla: Method 1: Download the AOL tool bar from and download the toolbar while you are on firefox. In the right corner of the toolbar will be a sign in box, sign in, and then press "shift + ctrl+f", without the quotations or from the top menu "View, Sidebars, AOL Favorite Plus. This will give you access to AOL favorites when signed on. Method 2: Go to and sign in. Next, go to the "favorites tab." --If you then want the favorites without signing on, again, then press "ctrl+D" to put the website in your Mozilla Bookmarks (Favorites). Method 3: Spend $30 on a retarded product that does this for you. Please ignore this method, it is a waste of money.

How do you transfer favorites from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox?

AnswerFireFox will ask you if you want to do this the first time it is used after being installed. If you skipped it the first time, simply click on File, and then "Import..." AnswerWe can transfer favorites from the internet explorer , by using Add and remove feature in the Internet Explorer.To transfer this , open the Internet Explorer > File > Import and Export > Next > "Export favorites " and click on Next > and finally click on Finish .Open Firefox and click on the Import and then select on the import favorites .This will transfer all favorites from Internet Explorer to Mozilla firefox.

You want to know if you can store addresses for future use In a GPS?

Use Favorites.

Where does Firefox store passwords?

In a file, the location of that file depends on the operating system.

How can you add a website to your favorite folder?

On Mozilla Firefox browser, to save a webiste to favorites, you can drag the icon next to the website name down into your favorites bar. If a person wanted a website to be saved as a bookmark to be returned later, that option is under the File drop down menu.