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Cave Creek, Arizona

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Q: Where does DMX live after he gets out of prison?
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Where does DMX come from?

DMX was born on December 18, 1970

Why Is DMX In Prison?

DMX was arrested for allegedly violating his parole by using drugs. He is now serving a full year term for the crime. On December 20, 2010, DMX was moved to Mental Health Unit of Arizona State Prison.

What are the release dates for DMX Live and Uncensored - 2003?

DMX Live and Uncensored - 2003 was released on: USA: 1 July 2003

Where DMX live?

greenville South Carolina

What is DMX kids names?

DMX is a rapper whose name is actually Earl Simmons. DMX has 10 children. These childrens names have not been released to my knowledge and searching. He could possibly have more pending DNAtests.

What are the release dates for Saturday Night Live - 1975 Julianna Margulies DMX 25-12?

Saturday Night Live - 1975 Julianna Margulies DMX 25-12 was released on: USA: 12 February 2000

How did dmx die?

DMX is not dead.

What is DMX's occupation?

DMX is a/an Rapper songwriter

Who is richer dmx or ja rule?


DMX and Aaliyah?

She never dated DMX. They were friends.

Is dmx dead?

DMX is alive; now it all depends on which DMX you are referring to; Davy dmx, DMX the original human beat box whom battled dougie fresh; he was JUST-ICE's human beat box; meaning he made beats with his mouth and this talent was displayed on one of his many albums called "put that record back on". (C) JUST-ICE, DMX, MANTRONIX. I was directed to the recent DMX (originally dark man X); the one whom rapped "Get at Me Dog" (C) DMX For example I was redirected after reading an article on Just-Ice and clicking on the underlined name DMX; it was not the one I was searching for. The original human beat box (Just-Ice's DMX) is alive and well; somewhere in the East cooking up a storm since he is also a chef. Last I heard in the year 2000 he was still making music; don't know in collaboration with whom.

When was DMX - music - created?

DMX - music - was created in 1971.