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Ben Savage lives in the sewer where most debauched people will soon go!

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Q: Where does Ben savage live now?
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What is Ben Savage's birthday?

Ben Savage was born on September 13, 1980.

How is Fred savage and Ben savage related?

They are brothers.

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Who is Ben Savage?

No one

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Did ben savage die on boy meets world?

To my knowledge, Fred Savage,s baby brother Ben is very much alive. If Ben Savage were dead, the news of his demise would have been broadcast worldwide, meaning that it would be virtually impossible for anyone not to hear the news of Ben Savage,s death.

Who is Ben Savage dating?

No one

Is ben savage really gay?


Is Ben Savage a Christian?

yes, he is.

Where do ben carson live now?

the pedo house in my garden

Where does ben mikaelsen and his wife live now?

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Who was the star of boy meets world?

Ben Savage