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You can stream The Hunger Games on Netflix, but if you want it on your queue, you have to click SAVE.

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Q: Where do you stream The Hunger Games?
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Where can you listen to the hunger games online for free?

Groove shark let's you stream the audibook online

What is the first hunger games film called?

The Hunger Games

How do you find water in The Hunger Games?

In the Hunger Games, there are few resources of water. A few of them include--- the stream Katniss and Peeta stayed by and lived by near the cave. That stream has fairly "Clean" water that is useful, especially if you have the tool needed to clean the water to make it okay to drink.. i'm pretty sure there are more resources including a small lake and other resources, but the stream is the only one I recall.

Is the Hunger Games or The Hobbit better?

hunger games

What do the characters do in Hunger Games?

Play Hunger Games

What event is today hunger games?

The Hunger Games

What is the best hunger games book?

The Hunger Games :)

What is the oringnal name for the Hunger Games?

Hunger Games........

Who is Annie from The Hunger Games?

Annie from Hunger Games is the winner of the 70th Hunger Games and represents District 4.

What is the difference between The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games classic?

There is no difference. Actually, there is no such thing as "The Hunger Games Classic".

What is a cereal name for the Hunger Games without using hunger?

The Food games The death games the fighting games Or the appetite games

What did Gale wear in the Hunger Games?

Gale was not in the Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta where.