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Twisted spoon can be held by wild abra and kadabra.

You can get it by either catching abra/kadabra until you catch one who holds it, or you can use a pokemon with the move thief to try to steal it from wild ones.

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Q: Where do you get twisted spoon in crystal?
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Pokemon pearl where to find the twisted spoon?

press a on a tv a few times it will say a kadabra is holding a twisted spoon

Where to get a twisted spoon in Pokemon Sapphire?

A twisted spoon can be obtained if you find an Abra holding one. About 1 out of every 20 Abra (5%) holds one. Happy hunting!

What does the Twisted spoon do?

Boosts Psychic-type moves by 20%.

How do you use a twisted spoon in Pokemon?

u tell to ur char. HOLD THE SPOON WITH THE RIGHT HAND,and there u go :)

How do you evolve akadabra in Pokemon Silver?

trade it while holding the twisted spoon

Is a twisted spoon a chemical change?

Does the chemistry of the spoon change just because you bent it, or does it stay a metal spoon? That's how you know it's not a chemical change.

How do you get the twisted spoon on Pokemon XD?

Either catch a lot of kadabra or try using thief or covet evertime you find a kadabra.

In Pokemon battle arena beta 0.1 how do you evolve kadabra?

You have to beat Gary and evolve kadabra with twisted spoon

Will anyone trade a level 100 Tyranitar for your level 100 alakazam w twisted spoon?

er stike that one i mean i want the tyranitar and ill be giving the alakazam w spoon

Will an item that you use in Pokemon soulsilver go back to where it was originally?

No, unless it's a hold e.g twisted spoon, charcoal.

How does Snorlax evolve?

Snorlax evolves into Sneezlax at level 85 in emerald Sapphire or ruby but only if its holding a twisted spoon

How do I get Twisted spoon in Pokemon Platinum version?

it is held by Abra you have to keep cathing it and it might hold it it has a low chance of finding one