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Search the indicated location to find the corresponding character. Note: Some characters will not appear until after a certain point in storyline progression. ; Alvin Uzzano: Northeast of Richie's Tavern, New York. He is a Safecracker/Medic with an Advanced Gun License. ; Bernard Uzzano: Inside or near the large crypt closest to the north of the hangout of Almeida capo Jaime Fesser at Goldenrest Cemetery, Florida. He is a Bruiser/Medic with an Advanced Gun License. ; Jimmy Lira: Unknown (requires bonus downloadable content). He is an Arsonist/Medic/Safecracker/Engineer. ; Leroy Petriboni: Las Palmas, Florida. At the "Jersey's Sports Bar", gambling crime ring on the southernmost island. Approach the building from the east to find a door to a small room. He can be found wandering inside and just outside of that room. He is a Safecracker/Engineer with Expert Gun License. ; Ray Fogliano: On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In, Florida. He is on the rooftop nearest to the Corrupt Official Joey Katz. He is an Arsonist/Demolitions. ; Ray Ricci: In the square between Casino Imperial and capitol in Cuba. He is a Demolitions/Engineer with an Expert Gun License. ; Roy Mancini: At the airport in Corazon de Oro, Cuba, next to the second plane, behind the Battaglia Cement Factory. He is a Bruiser/Engineer with a Expert Gun License. ; Tommy Cipolla: Corleone Compound, New York (pre-order code required). He is an Arsonist/Medic.

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You cannot find Master made men in Godfather 2. The only way to do this is to play on Xbox Live in expert mode.

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Q: Where do you find expert men in Godfather II?
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