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They are meant to tie onto the werewolves leg.

OMG i love twilight


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Q: Where do werewolf's clothes go when they transform in new moon?
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What is on the shoulder of all the werewolves in New Moon?

On the New Moon a Werewolf would not transform; he or she would still be human. So the answer to the question could be "their normal skin" or "their clothes" ....

What is Jacob's destiny in new moon?

Jacob has to turn into a wolf. Not a werewolf because werewolfs can only turn during a full moon.

What are the real names of the werewolf's on the new moon?

The werewolfs names are sam,jacob,quil,leah,emry,paul and jarod

What are some symbols in new moon by Stephenie Meyer. I already have things like the clock tower and vampires?

werewolfs, voultri

What does Jacob transfrom into in twilight?

He doesn't transform to anything in Twilight, but in the second, New Moon, he transform to a warewolf :)

What age does Jacob transform into a werewolf in new moon?

He transformed in one when he was 16

How much do it takes to transform a new moon?

twilight,newmoon eclipse breaking dawn

Is Jacob from new moon wolf or werewolf?

He's a werewolf, meaning that he can transform at will from a human into a wolf.

New Clothes in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

You can't

Why is new moon by Stephenie Meyers called new moon?

I would've thought it was because Jacob is a werewolf, i dont know its just a suggestion, you know like werewolfs are supposed to turn on new moons "New Moon" is actually called this because in "Twilight" Bella describes Edward as her "own personal moon" However, in New Moon Edward leaves and Bella strieks up a relationship (of sorts) with Jacob. She then goes on to describe Jacob as "Her personal sun" Hence "New Moon" Jacob is taking Edwards place.

In new moon when Jacob turns into a wolf does his clothes shred?


Where can you buy new moon clothes?

New Moon clothing is extremely popular and many stores are crammed with them. You can buy them at a local clothing store or a mall. You can also buy clothes for a bargain online at trusted online shops such as eBay.