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on eBay and amazom because ray unicorno is from Beyblade metal fight explosion and it new

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Q: Where do they sell ray unicorno?
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Is ray unicorno good?

Ray unicorno is good but I'd say blitz unicorno is better and I would go for a stronger attack type like big bang pegasis or galaxy

Is ray unicorno strong?


What type of Beyblade is ray unicorno?


Where in Thailand can you find the Beyblade ray unicorno?

Order it.

Who uses ray striker bey blade?

Massumane uses ray striker known as ray (unicorno)

Is Ray Unicorno beter than Flame Byxis?


Which beyblade is better ray unicorno or galaxy pegasus?

well they both are good attack types . but i would suggest ray unicorno for its stamina but its your choice .if you want good attack go with g.pegasus

What is ray unicorno's special move called?

Purple Lightning thunder

What performance tip does ray unicorno have?

it has rubber outside and inside it has plastic

What Beyblade metal fusion is on first rank?

its earth eagle or ray unicorno

What is ray unicorno's owner's name from bey blade metal fight?


Which bey is better ray unicorno or burn fire blaze?

burn fire blaze his a stamina plus i have them both