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News can be devided into two categories, planned and unplanned.

Unplanned news is also called breaking news. News stations must monitor police and fire scanners for breaking news. Otherwise they can subscribe to paging services that listen to these scanners and send out pages on the most relevant events. Reuters and Associated Press are wire services that have reporters who send more thorough reports to subscribing stations (all). People may also call their local stations with tips about unfolding events. Freelance news cameramen (stringers) may also call in stories and deliver video of events to the stations.

Planned news is obviously much easier to cover. Politicians, city leaders, organizations and other newsmakers send press releases to stations weeks before their event so that stations can be informed of all the details beforehand and may plan to send a crew to the event. Often a press release will include the script of a speech or announcement that will be made.

More recently news stations monitor social media for trending issues so they may respond to public concerns, or viral content.

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They have reporters in news bureaus all over the world, and they also subscribe to news services who have reporters in more remote places where NBC does not have direct access.

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Q: Where do news stations get their news?
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