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Parts of "Hoot" were filmed in the historic neighborhood of Sailboat Bend, Florida.

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The settings in Hoot the Movie

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Q: Where did they film the movie hoot?
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When was Hoot - film - created?

Hoot - film - was created on 2006-05-05.

What is the duration of Hoot film?

Running time is 87 minutes according to my DVD.

Who was the director of the movie Hoot?

Wil Shriner directed Hoot.

Is HOOT the movie a real story?

The Movie Hoot was based on a novel by Carl Hiaasen and is not based on real events.

Was Nick Jonas on the movie Hoot?

no he was not in HOOT. that was Logan lerman or codley linley who your thinking of

In the film Hoot what animals are Roy and his friends trying to save?


Who played Beatrice in the movie hoot?

brie larson

The boy running in the movie Hoot is missing what?


Who plays mullet fingers in movie Hoot?

Cody Linley

Who played Leroy in the movie Hoot?

tim blake nelson

Who plays Dana matherson in the movie hoot?

Eric Phillips

In the movie hoot where was roy born?

Detroit, Michigan in 1989