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They filmed Evan Almighty in Crozet, Virginia in a neighborhood called Old Trails.

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Q: Where did they film Evan almighty?
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Is there a Evan Almighty sequel?

No. Evan Almighty was the sequel to Bruce Almighty. There was no third part in the series.

What is the duration of Evan Almighty?

The duration of Evan Almighty is 1.6 hours.

When was Evan Almighty released?

Evan Almighty was released on 06/22/2007.

When was Evan Almighty created?

Evan Almighty was created on 2007-06-22.

What was the Production Budget for Evan Almighty?

The Production Budget for Evan Almighty was $175,000,000.

How many children does Evan have in Evan almighty?

Evan has 3 children

What job does Evan have in Evan almighty?

A news caster

How much money did Evan Almighty gross domestically?

Evan Almighty grossed $100,289,690 in the domestic market.

How many children does Evan baxter have in Evan almighty?


Who orders Evan Baxter to build an ark in Evan Almighty?

God"Evan Almighty" was originally slated to be a sequel to 2003's "Bruce Almighty".

What is the title of the sequel to the movie Bruce Almighty?

I'm pretty sure it's Evan Almighty. Its got Steve Carell in who played Evan in Bruce Almighty :)

In the 2007 movie Evan almighty what is Evan building an ark for?