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The Emerald City.

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Q: Where did the wizard live in the film wizard of oz?
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Was Portia Nelson in the Wizard of Oz?

No, Portia Nelson was not in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

Who live in Emerald City?

The Emerald City is a fictional city from the WIzard Of Oz. It is the capital of the Land Of Oz. It is probably most famous for the yellow brick road one can see in the film.

Where did they film '' The Wizard of Oz''?


When was the Wizard of Oz film made?

The most famous version was released in 1939. The first film version was "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1910).

Is Wizard of Oz a book or film?

The book came first, then the film.

What the name of the first film in coulor?

the wizard of oz

What is Joe Mcelderry's favourite film?

wizard of oz

In the film wizard of oz what road led to oz?

The Yellow Brick Road

Does barry m play the Wizard of Oz?

In "The Wizard of Oz" (1939), the Wizard is played by Frank Morgan. Of course the Wizard is not real in the film. It's controlled by the man behind the curtain.

Which film features the song Over the Rainbow?

the answer is the wizard of oz

What is the name of the Wizard of Oz with the muppets?

Wizard made the film scene in l939. The Muppets did not exist at that time. Munchkins are associated with Oz but not Muppets.

What is the most popular film ever Wizard of Oz or titanic?

way more people went to see the wizard of oz because of its friendlyness