Where did techno originate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Detroit

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Q: Where did techno originate?
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Were and when did techno originate?

in Detroit Michigan 1981

In which US city did techno originate?


What country did techno marine watches originate from?


Where did techno start?

techno music was originate in Montgomery Alabama and introduced to Detroit in the 1980's The origin of techno music is not quite known. House music is thought to have started in New York City while techno has been very popular in European dance clubs for years.

Which US city did techno originate?

Detroit is the city most commonly stated as originating the techno genre. This original form of techno is called Detroit techno. It still exists today. I hope this answers your question!

Is metro station a techno band?

Its a brand of Techno. Techno/pop, I guess? I dunno I've heard some people refer to them as Techno/Punk...... I dunno what I'd call it exactly, but yes, it is Techno. (But not raw/pure Techno)

What is techno sampling?

Testing samples of techno.

What is techno business?

techno business means

What is the meaning of Techno commercial?

Techno commercial means technical and commercial. This business is Techno commercial.

What is the base word of technological?


Where is techno popular?

Techno is popular amoungst the rave scean.

When did Techno Cop happen?

Techno Cop happened in 1988.