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Q: Where did riley Cooper get drafted?
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When was Riley Cooper born?

Riley Cooper was born on 1987-09-09.

How tall is Riley Cooper?

NFL player Riley Cooper is 6'-03''.

What position does Riley Cooper play?

Riley Cooper plays Wide Receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is Riley Cooper's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Riley Cooper is number 14 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

What college did NFL player Riley Cooper play for?

NFL player Riley Cooper played for Florida.

How much does NFL player Riley Cooper weigh?

NFL player Riley Cooper weighs 222 pounds.

How old is Riley Cooper?

NFL receiver Riley Cooper is 29 years old (born September 9, 1987).

What is riley coopers middle name?

Riley Cooper's middle name is Thomas!!! :))

Why is chuck cooper important to black America?

Chuck Cooper was the first black player to be drafted

Chuck cooper what year was he drafted?

1950 by the Boston Celtics

What NFL team does Marcus Cooper play for?

Jonathan Cooper plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

First Black drafted to play in NBA in 1951?

Chuck Cooper.