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Her friend was having boyfriend trouble so dragged Sov to her boyfriends house ( the friends boyfriend-obv) there was a ''Sovereign Ring'' on the table near Sov according to her saying ''take me ! '' so she took it and ''crowned herself lady Sovereign'' ... So its all thanks to the ring :)

P.s .... she ain't bad to stealing it . she didnt have any jewelerry because she couldn't afford it :)

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Q: Where did louise harman find the name lady sovereign?
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What was Lady Sovereign real name?

Lady Sovereign's real name was Louise Amanda Harman

What is the birth name of Lady Sovereign?

Lady Sovereign's birth name is Louise Amanda Harman.

What is Lady Sovereign's real name?

Lady Sovereign's Real name is ........ Louise Amanda Harman

What is the sexual orientation of Louise Amanda Harman?

Louise Amanda Harman, also known as Lady Sovereign, is openly gay.

How old is Lady Sovereign?

Lady Sovereign (Louise Harman) is 32 years old (birthdate: December 19, 1985).

What is the name of lady sovereign?

Louise Amanda ( Amander) Harman ( born December 19, 1985)

Lady Sovereign's real name?

Her name is Louise Amanda Harman and she grew up in Chalk-hill estate!!!

Is Lady Sovereign related to Dani Harmer?

No i think you getting a bit confused . Sovs real name is Louise HarMAN not HarmER lol .

What is lady sov's real name?

Louise Amanda Harman

Who is lady sovereign's mum?

Sov's mother was Nicola Harman. She passed away from a brain tumor on March 14, 2010.

Is Lady Sovereign died?

No, Lady Sovereign is not dead. You can find updates from her on her official twitter, @ladysov.

What country does Lady Sovereign come from?

Lady Sovereign is from England.