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His cousin tryed to braid his hair but the could so the but twists in his hair and started making fun of him and calling him lil twist so he ran with it

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Q: Where did lil twist get his rapper name from?
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Who is lil twist and lil chuckee?

Lil Twist Is A Rapper Of Young Money And Lil Chuckee Is Too Lil Twist Is 18 Lil Chuckee Is 15

How tall is lil twist now?

The best guess for rapper Lil Twist's height is 5'4.

How old is twista the rapper?

Lil Twist is 16 years old

What is the birth name of Lil Twist?

Lil Twist's birth name is Christoper L. Moore.

Is Lil twist and Lil Wayne related?

i doubt it because they are so different but there has never been bad blood between them and lil Wayne mentions getting an idea for a drinking song from lil john

What Is Lil Twist's Last Name?

Moore is his last name...Christopher L. Moore

Who is lil twist?

Lil Twist (born Christopher L. Moore) is an American rapper from Oak Cliff, Texas. He was signed by Lil Wayne's label Young Money Entertainment, and his debut album is set to be released in Summer 2010.

Who is Lil Wayne's brothers name?

is lil Wayne lil twist brother

Is lil moma lil twist sister if is What is her name?

Its rocsane moore

Who loves lil twist?

who loves lil twist well her name is lala aka maliyaha she is known for her singin songs about him she going to get a tatoo of his name and she really loves him so that should answer your question .............................maliyaha loves lil twist ily twist forever

What is lil twist sister name?


Is Reynoldo Poore Lil Twist real brother?

Lil Twist Only Has One Older Sister , & Her Name Is Crystal McGriff .